DABGO Coming to Asia?

DABGO is an online networking targeting specifically Danish business people all over the world. In Singapore, there are currently 80 members, In Vietnam 29 and in Thailand 27 members.
Jesper Løvendahl, the Danish businessman who established the network, says the target for South East Asia is to reach 500+ members in South East Asia within the next year. Globally, DABGO has over 6000 members.
Jesper Løvendahl has chosen the LinkedIn network as the platform for the DABGO network. His own profile on LinkedIn is here: www.linkedin.com/in/lovendahl But there are also 30 DABGO groups on facebook.
“Personally, I use the DABGO network very actively,” Jesper Løvendahl explains.
“It’s mostly casual networking like lunches, advice and tips from other members regarding specific topics, introduction to relevant contacts, new employees, etc. On the LinkedIn network you can search for specific qualifications, companies and through here get in contact with relevant and interesting people.”
“I have an example from my own life: I got my new job as a VP Sales & marketing for a Danish company via a DABGO member that I had helped earlier to become the CEO for the American department. I was able to help him because I heard from another DABGO member about this position and that the company was looking for a Dane in America with the right qualifications. He got the job and helped me later on. In America we have countless examples of how DABGO members have helped each other.”

What do you gain by joining DABGO?
“People will be able to search for you and the network gives access to meeting many interesting people in your region. Many of those contacts can be useful for you one day. You can also use your contacts to get a valuable introduction to people.”
“Networking is up to you so don’t count on just joining the network thinking that a whole new world is open to you. You have to help and be active as well. DABGO offers the opportunity to make connections through the LinkedIn platform. And trust me, the opportunities will come when you start offering your help to others instead of just asking for help.”
Every month DABGO is sending out a newsletter to all members to announce information about new initiatives in the network, articles written by members and arrangements.
“We have a monthly networking day the first Wednesday in every month in more than 30 cities around the world. Please check the list here dabgo.net/stambord.
Stambord is currently established in Singapore and will soon be coming to Bangkok as well.

In Southeast Asia we have our Danish Chambers of Commerce in Thailand, the Nordcham in Vietnam and DABS in Singapore – are you trying to compete with them?
“Globally, DABGO is working with many different Danish Chambers, consulates and Danish organizations. DABGO makes it possible via the internet to promote the different organizations and their events. In many cities DABGO is cooperating with the local chambers Danish to make the monthly events. So I will say that DABGO is supplementary and not a competitor.”
How do you make sure you are not taking their members with so many different networking possibilities?
“I don’t think the goal for any organization is to ‘control’ the market. I hope the goal for all of us is to help making a difference to our members through our events and activities.”
“DABGO is a free network because we mean that all Danish business people should gain access to contacts and possibilities. We have great focus on the fact that our members actively should try and help other members. Remember – it is not about who you know or who knows you but how many and who you have helped.”

If someone wants to join, how to get started?
“Sign in for free on dabgo.net, create your own meetings and events and take part of the global network. Please, feel free to contact me on mailto:[email protected]

Jesper Løvendahl
Founder, The DABGO Network
[email protected] | +1 646 717 5957
Profil: www.linkedin.com/in/lovendahl

DABGO: www.dabgo.net
Forum: www.dabgo.net/fora
Jobs: www.dabgo.net/jobs
Donation: www.dabgo.net/donate
Events: www.dabgo.net/stambord

Regional DABGO representative – Asia:
Jesper K. Pedersen, regional representative of Guardian-Global Business Security in Bangkok

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