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A Universal Player is a person who is enjoying his life, good with women, smart, self-confident, likes fashion and travelling, well-connected, loves to party and is always looking for more in life. Or in other words: Patrick Riebbsaetter.
The 29 years-old model is everything above and then some if you add ‘dad’ and ‘business owner’ to his profile. No wonder he chose the name ‘Universal Player’ for his company.
Patrick lives in Bangkok on his second year and is very busy with his business Universal Player.
The company arranges events, PR, marketing for big international brands, holds a model agency called riebbsaeter models, promotes DJ’s and models and is a charity foundation. In the near future Universal Player will open up a huge gym in the Sathorn-area of Bangkok called Empire as well as a clothing line and online magazine, plus starting up a model agency in Indian. On top of it Patrick has his own blog where fans can follow him 24-11. He uploads videos and photos of his life in Bangkok.

Lost and gained a lot
“I want to make Universal Player a brand everywhere around the world. I work hard but I’m motivated. I have lost a lot of money and gained a lot. Money is around to roll,” he says.
Patrick is driven by his restless nature and his need to be involved in projects in order to keep up with his energy level.
“I’m an Aries, a very energetic person who can’t sit still for two seconds. I love to move around and try new different things. I get bored easily with things. It’s good because it keeps me looking for more,” he explains.
It has been like this since he quit school in an early age in Sweden.
“Me and schools was never a good combination. My friends continued and graduated with diplamas and had to look for a job. In the meanwhile I travelled all over the world, had jobs and earned money,” Patrick says.

Mr. Sweden in jail
Patrick grew up in Jakobsberg north of Stockholm with his mother and two sisters before he moved to Gothenborg at the age of 13 to live with his dad.
“I have always considered myself a Swede and never felt any different compared to my friends. My mum wanted me to learn Thai but I was too busy playing football,” he says with a smile.
Being the son of two models it was not a coincidence that Patrick and his older sister also chose that path. At the age of 19 he participated in the modelling competition ‘Mr. Sweden’ and made it to the finals. He also made it to the headlines later the same year – but for a whole other story.
“I went to jail for one year when I was 19. All the newspapers wrote ‘Mr. Sweden goes to jail’ because I had just been participating in the competition,” he remembers.
The reason was a big misunderstanding, according to Patrick.
“There was a guy who was mad at me because of a girl I was dating. He was known as a pretty rough guy so I was scared of him. One night he and a friend stood outside a club waiting for me and followed me into a shop. One of them attacked my friend and I was so scared that I punched the other guy. But it was his friend I punched, not him, so they gave me 16 months. I went to prison for one year. I don’t regret it. I learned a lot,” he says.

Eurasian model
After prison Patrick moved to Barcelona and kicked off his modelling career. He did everything from TV commercials, fashion shows to catalogues, learned Spanish and moved to Greece as well. In 2002 he went to Thailand.
“I was quite surprised how cool it was. The money was good and I felt a home. A good place to start up business too,” he recalls.
Being a Eurasian (mix of Asian and European) Patrick found out that there was a big demand for him in the Asian modelling business. He lived a real ‘player life’ and worked for brands like Armani, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, Christian Dior, Loewe, Calvin Klein, Jean Paul Gaultier, Ermenigildo Zegna, Fendi, YSL.
“I dated a lot of girls, partied too much and worked all over Asia.”

Married an Asian celeb
In 2006 Patrick fell head over heals in love with Avi Siwa. She is a hot celebrity from the Philippines, a FHM-model, tv-star, actress and famous for being controversial, for example about her bisexuality. Patrick married her and the couple hit the front pages around the world when they posed naked in front of the world press to support PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal). To hide their private parts they were holding a sign “Back to Eden. Close All Zoos”. The campaign against animals in zoos was made in Bangkok and the couple got a lot of attention.
“It was such a good course and since then I have been very active with PETA and Animal rights.
Unfortunately, Patrick and his wife split shortly after.
“We were a perfect match and she is still the perfect woman for me. But our relationship was too intense”.

His son Universe
Patrick stayed in Bangkok and met another woman. Five months ago his life changed. He became a father. The little boy’s name is of course Universe.
“Your whole world changes when you have a child. He is my everything, my Universe,” he says and proudly shows pictures on his laptop of his cute, little baby.
Universe is just one more reason for Patrick to work even harder on his projects.
“I love creating things, I want to be somebody, I want to be rich and make changes for people due charities and foundations. I want to leave the Earth knowing that I’ve tried my best,” says Patrick.

Fact box:
Facts about Universal Player:
Clientele: Nike, Audi, Toyota, Kenzo, BMW, Tiffany, Nescafe, Siemens, Motorola, etc.

Universal Player Co., Ltd
Patrick Ribbsaeter (managing Director)
+66 (0) 850570347
[email protected]

Patrick’s blog:

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