China Fashion Week

A new generation of talented designers recently got the opportunity to showcase their creations in Beijing with the Hempel Award 18th China International Young Fashion Designers Contest. The contest is part of the China Fashion Week and included one Norwegian hopeful, Morten Ljosland.
       Sissel Isachsen, who teaches at Oslo University College, was invited to sit on the judge’s panel. She was immensely pleased with the event, mentioning in particular the valuable new contacts she had made while in Beijing.
       She was also very pleased with her own student’s contribution, although Morten Ljosland did not quite go all the way. “His style is very cool and experimentative, and they are encouraged to use new and unusual types of material.” Indeed, Ljosland’s costumes juxtaposed non-textile material with traditional textile techniques.
       Isachsen explained that 18 students from Oslo had originally applied to take part in the event, and promised that many more than 1 Norwegian would take part next year. The wide eyed students who accompanied her confirmed that this was indeed their intention. The winner of the event was a young French designer, Maria Emmanuel.

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