Norwegian Rock Bands Tour China

The Norwegian rock bands K-Jell, Goldenboy, Desert Son and Steinar Hjelmbrekke will from April 24 to May 2 do an extensive China tour, performing in several Chinese cities.

The four Bergen based bands have for many years had a solid fan base in Norway, and are now ready to tour China, performing in Wuhan, Changsha, Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin and Beijing. The tour is marking K-Jell’s new album release, an album that will also be available in China for the local audience. K-Jell has for a long time had close connections with the Chinese underground rock scene, and their two previous cd singles have been distributed in a total of 25 000 copies in China.

The tour will go to the following cities:

April 24, VOX, Wuhan

April 25, 4698, Changsha

April 27, Yuyintang, Shanghai

April 28, Gubao, Nanjing

April 29, Mao Livehouse, Beijing

April 30, 13 Club, Tianjin

May 2, Midi Festival, Beijing (K-Jell)

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