Migration Minister on fact finding mission

No country escapes the effects of migration any longer, says Swedish Migration Minister Barbro Holmberg in an interview with Scandasia.
     She visits Bangkok and Manila between 8 and 13 February to meet government, UN and NGO organisations in Thailand and the Philippines.
     “The number of migrants world wide is higher than ever, 175 million people, according to UN calculations. Some 17 million of them are refugees, the rest are other kind of migrants living outside their country of origin.”
     Sweden is together with Thailand and the Philippines pushing through an action plan on migration drafted by the Asia Europe Meeting, Asem, and that is the main reason why she visits these two countries on this trip.
     “One concrete matter I brought up with my Thai colleague here is Sweden’s wish to see Thailand ratify the UN refugee convention. 142 countries have done so but Thailand has not. I am happy to say that the message from Bangkok on that request was positive.”
     While Thailand is mostly a recipient of migrants, coming for various reasons, the Philippines is unique in the world with its high numbers of outgoing migrants.
     “Sweden likes to share the Philippines knowledge from this area. Around 3,000 Filipinos a day leave the country to work abroad. Their government is challenged with several issues on discrimination and rights for citizens abroad.”
     Trafficking and illegal immigration are other topics that are raised during Barbro Holmberg’s journey.

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