National Hospital for Paediatrics – a Sustainable Result

Medical experts, practitioners and scientists of Vietnam and Sweden gathered at the National Hospital of Paediatrics in Hanoi on 16 March to recall the outstanding achievements recorded over the past years since the inauguration of the hospital, built 30 years ago with non-refundable aid from Sweden.

The Minister of Health, Mr Nguyen Quoc Trieu and the Director of the Hospital, Mr Nguyen Thanh Liem as well as all other speakers at the celebration expressed their gratitude to the Swedish Government and people for their precious support and assistance to Vietnam when the country was destructed by the war.

The Ambassador of Sweden, Mr Staffan Herrström congratulated the Hospital for its progress in taking care of the children’s health, especially primary health care. He said: “Let’s take the success of this hospital as an inspiration and signal to all of us to do even more. More not least for the children being left behind. For ethnic minorities. For girls that should have their right to education. For disabled children. And more to fight the still persisting challenge of malnutrition. We should empower children. Decision makers should listen to children. Prepare them for a life as citizens in a democratic society. Encourage and develop their creativity.”

You can find the full speach here:

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