Two Swedes Murder Charged in Phuket

Phuket City Police tonight charged two Swedish men they say confessed to the murder yesterday of 25-year-old Maxim Schantz.

According to the online newspaper, Phuket Gazette, police said they caught Tommy Viktor Soderlund, 26, and Johan Sebastian Ljung, 25, hiding out at a Surin Beach hotel.

The pair confessed that they tracked Mr Schantz down through Facebook because they were angry with him for informing tourist police of a scam they were operating from an internet cafe in Pattaya, according to the newspaper.
Soderlund was arrested in connection with that incident, while Ljung managed to avoid getting caught, police said.

Söderlund and Ljung found Maxim Schantz on Phuket and rented a house across of Maxim Schantz´s home in Koh Kaew.

When Soderlund and Ljung attacked Maxim Schantz the victim made resistance and the police told the newspaper that Ljung plunged a knife into Maxim Schantz´s neck with the lethal result.

The pair has since the killing been on the run since then and yesterday evening the police arrested the pair in the hotel.

The police collected evidence at the hotel, the newspaper says, Ljung´s blood-soaked shirt and a knife was found.

Both suspects told police that they did not intend to kill Mr Schantz and that it was an accident, according to Phuket Gazette.

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