Unrealmind Interactive to market Softhouse’s Twin Factor in Malaysia

The Swedish software and consultant company Softhouse has signed a license agreement for the patent pending concept Twin Factor with Unrealmind Interactive Berhad, the leading mobile content and service provider in South East Asia based in Kuala Lumpur.
      The agreement gives Unrealmind the non-exclusive rights to market and provide Twin Factor in Malaysia and expand it to other neighboring South East Asian countries, where the company will be the first to provide such service in the region.
      Twin Factor is a new mobile service that targets teenagers. The concept consists of the combination of MMS, camera phones and advanced face recognition, where a picture of a person in a camera phone is sent to Twin Factor via MMS. The system then compares the picture with the celebrity pictures in the database and sends the picture of the person’s celebrity look alike once a match is found.
      Softhouse is delighted to start the launch of Twin Factor on the South East Asian market together with Unrealmind, which is a young and energetic company. Its success in the previous year shows that the company has an understanding of the mobile content market in general and teen segment in particular. This makes Unrealmind a perfect partner for Softhouse, said Tord Olsson, CEO of Softhouse Nordic.

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