Tetra Pak heads for carton recycling in Malaysia

Tetra Pak Group, the world’s major manufacturer of carton or aseptic packaging for the liquid food industry aims to promote carton recycling in Malaysia.
      Tetra Pak Malaysia & Singapore (TPM&S) started its community recycling project in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), Kuala Lumpur with the aims to create awareness within a targeted community before strategically moving on to others.
      Educating and building awareness among the public may take time as people are used to throwing away empty cartons. Tetra Pak is currently showing them that the empty boxes can be recycled and turned into egg cartons, paper bags and many more.
      It is estimated that Tetra Pak cartons account for 10,000 tons of waste annually in Malaysia and there is a need for the company to minimize the use of landfills.
      Tetra Pak distributes leaflets to the TTDI community, visits schools and works with teachers and NGOs and plans to implement the project in other communities as well as hopes to collaborate with the Housing and Local Government Ministry to bring the project to a higher level.

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