A kickoff worship service at the Swedish residence!

Today, 21st of May, ambassador Jon Åström Gröndahl opened the door to his beautiful residence for the Swedes and friends. The residence is not so easy to find and it’s quite far from BTS and MRT, but still approximately 25 people found their they to visit and attended, what our priest Olof Olsson and his wife Marie, called a Kick-off worship service.

Marie and Olov have been residing in Bangkok once before and are now back to serve the Swedish communities in East South Asia.

We were greeted by Khun Tuk, who has been working at the Swedish embassy  for many years and the efficient residence staff welcomed us with cold soft drinks.

Among the visiters today were some young children, as well as some teenagers and they enjoyed the light-hearted way Olov held the service and laughed when he talked about God’s appearance everywhere, monsters under the bed and even took a selfie. Thinking on how sevices used to be  in the old days, this was a very refreshing service.

All of us enjoyed the traditional, beautiful Psalms like “Den blomstertid nu kommer” (The time of blossom now approaches) and Psalm 201 (A Friendly Green Does Richly Dress, also called Summer Hymn) etc.  The text today; ELIJAH in the book of Matthew,  (Elias) was read by Bo Olsen and the collect went to the support of the Swedish Church in Asia.

After the service, a table with freshly baked cinnamon buns, coffee, tea and soft drinks waited for us and was most popular, especially the cinnamon buns, among the younger participants.

A relaxed morning inside and with the shining sun outside waiting for us.

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