Danish Companies to supply nuclear energy in Indonesia that will feed 45 million people

Nuclear power developed in Denmark will help Indonesia produce low-emission ammonia. The production will go toward fertilizer and food production that is set to feed 45 million Indonesian people. The project is a part of an extensive partnership that highlights the growing focus on clean energy sources.

The four Danish companies involved in the project is Topsoe, Alfa Laval, Copenhagen Atomics and Aalborg. All have agreed to generate the nuclear energy for ammonia produced by a handful of state owned companies. The nuclear power plant will be capable of producing one million ton of ultra-low emission ammonia per year. This is enough to produce fertilizer for the production of food for approximately 45 million people. one sixth of the Indonesian population.

The plant is set to save 1.7 million ton of CO2 per year compared to natural gas-based fertilizer production.

The facility will be powered by nuclear energy from Copenhagen Atomics. The nuclear reactors are widely becoming seen as a key component for energy transitions, but concerns about safety, cost, and regulatory hurdles are making their implementation a slow process.

The facility will be located in Bontang and will be operational for at least 50 years, as part of the agreement. It is expected to be up and running by 2028.

Source: enviromentalleaeder.com

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