Chinese energy buses expand in Scandinavia

94 buses by Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co., a leading bus maker in China, is to be shipped from Xiamen Port in east China to Norway and Denmark.

Since 2002, the company has set up a team focused on new energy buses in China. The company has successfully launched a series of pure, hybrid electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell powered buses.

In 2020, Golden Dragon exported its first batch of energy buses to Scandinavia. The shipment consisted of 20 units that were shipped to Norway. The buses featured customized designs in materials and technology.

Most of the China-made buses exported to Nordic countries are made of the same materials as those used in the domestic market. But Golden Dragon has replaced the conventional high-strength steel with stainless steel to adjust the buses to the nordic weather.

In 2022, the company’s export value of new energy buses to the European market reached 42 million euros. This is twice as much compared to the 2020 esport value.

“In Norway and Denmark We have more than 150 units so far. For this year, we plan to import about 140 unites,” said Torbjorn Lundebrekke, technical manager of Eurobus Nordic, one of the distributors of Golden Dragon in Europe.

Golden Dragon’s energy buses are running in countries and regions including Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Pakistan. The Golden Dragon electric buses contributs to the development of the global green economy.


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