Chinese NIO opens first EV battery swap station in Denmark

Chinese EV automaker NIO has begun operations of its first EV battery swap station in Denmark.

The swap station is located in Slagelse, about 100 km southwest of Copenhagen next to the E20 highway.

The centrally located station will offer battery swap access to NIO drivers in several European countries. The new station brings NIO’s stations to a total of twelve throughout the continent.

NIO is a publicly-traded EV automaker founded in 2014. The company is currently one of the leading EV brands in China. The automaker suffered from losses in 2022, but its EV business continues to grow.

The EV automaker first announced plans to expand to markets outside of China in the spring of 2021. The European markets now includes Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.

NIO’s placement of the station near the highway in Slagelse was strategic as the EV automaker states it is located in the center of the five different European countries listed above.

In addition, NIO has started implementing battery swap stations in these countries. The company also considers licensing the technology to other firms in the continent.

No announcement on where the next swap station may be placed after Denmark.


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