Chinese Ministry of Agriculture visits Denmark

Delegates from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture visit delegates from the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries in Copenhagen on 29 June – 3 July 2013. It is the second time within two months that they meet.

The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture aims to strengthen the cooperation with Denmark within sustainable pig production and organic production. China’s main goals are 1: food security and 2: food safety.

During the visit, the Chinese delegation will meet with the Deputy Director General Karsten Biering Nielsen and a Senior Advisor from the Danish AgriFish Agency, where the entire pig production chain from “breeding to eating” will be presented, under the theme efficient and sustainable pig production. The Chinese side will explain what they see as their main challenges, after which the two sides will be able to discuss solutions and what Denmark can contribute with.

The topic of food safety – organic and green food production – will be discussed. The strong and trusted state certification system in Denmark, with one certifying body, will be presented to the Chinese, who will then explain about their multi organ system and how to distinguish organic and green food production in China.

The visit will have a dual purpose – both political and commercial aspects. The first part of the visit involves political relations. The second part is the commercial part, where the Chinese delegation will experience both an organic dairy farm and a pig farm. There will also be time for the Chinese officials to see producers of stable equipment and biogas technology for modern pig production.

In the Trade Council China, Denmark has been working to create awareness around Danish pig production, organic production and organic certification. Denmark is in a strong position both in breeding skills, waste management and animal welfare, something that the Chinese has come to realize as a result of the effort done in the food, agriculture and fisheries team.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in China 

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