Help out the Danish Network in Hua Hin – Donation stuck on Fyn


In a recent newsletter, the Danish Network in Hua Hin is calling for help, so please read this. Perhaps you can help make a small difference.

On Fyn, in the town of Munkebo are boxes filled with Lego, which have been donated to charity. The boxes are meant for a children’s home in Thailand, but are stuck in Denmark.

The Danish Network tried talking to different airlines, hoping that they might ship them cost free, but the airlines explained that they are not able to help because of the large number of requests of charity shipments.

The boxes are 9 kilos each, so if anyone has the opportunity to bring along a box or two it would mean the world to the children.

If anyone is able to help, please contact the network at [email protected]. The network is pleased to pick up the boxes in the airport.

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  1. Why not try a shipping company? Obviously it takes longer time to get the goodies there, but they might be more open to donations. Personally, I had great help from a Norwegian shipping company while living in KL. They helped me to ship a 20′ container filled with toys, shoes, stationary and childrens clothes to refugee camps in Macedonia. For free!

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