Discover China opportunities seminars held in Sweden

Stiftelsen Teknikdalen – Ideas into business, in the Swedish province of Dalarna recently held China seminars in tree cities to present the world’s largest economy as the land of opportunity and a trendsetter.


It is in China where innovation, trends and future growth occurs, thus it is very interesting for Swedish companies to build relationships in China for international expansion or simply to shift gear. In China one does business through relationships and therefore the Teknikdalen Foundation has previously coordinated trips to China to increase the knowledge, network and to seek business opportunities.

The 1-3 February seminars, held in the citites of Gävle, Borlänge, and Mora, included inspirational speakers who are well versed in the art of doing business, in order entrepreneurs in Sweden to get both inspiration and knowledge of the Chinese market.

Xu Min, SWEdala office Wuhan
Xu Min helps companies from the provinces Dalarna and Gävleborg to get in touch with Chinese business partners. He also works at the Swedish Environmental Research Institute’s offices in Beijing and can give us a unique insight into what is happening in the Chinese market.

50% of what is being copied in China are copies, is that correct? Elio de Tullio from the EU’s China IPR – SME Helpdesk gave the answer. This Helpdesk assists companies with advice on the Chinese copyright law (trademarks) and the negotiations around licensing, manufacturing and distribution agreements in connection with operations in China.

The art of doing business in China by Peter Grufman. Which business opportunities and difficulties are involved in starting and running a manufacturing company in China? Peter has extensive experience in production in China and shared their experiences in an inspiring way.

The foundation also informed about an upcoming trip to China being planned for this spring, 2016. Marie Ericson, Teknikdalen Foundation gave a briefing.

Teknikdalen Foundation initiates, operates and participates in regional, national and international projects and support new business ideas and innovations that generate increased growth and development throughout Dalarna.

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