Ericsson teams up with Singtel in 5G-venture

The Swedish tech-giant Ericsson is working together with Singtel (Singapore Telecommunications), South-East Asia’s biggest company of its kind. The goal is to connect all of Singapore with a state of the art 5G connection.

5G (fifth generation mobile technology) is the successor of 4G, the most widely used data-connection, especially for smartphone users.

Singtel held a demonstration in their own headquarters in Singapore. Using prototype hardware Ericsson was able to reach a peak of 27.5 gigabits, the worlds fastest commercial internet connection according to Ericsson and Singtel.

Yuen Kuan Moon, the head of Singtel’s consumer business, says that the company’s intention is to “explore new ideas to make sure Singapore is ahead of the game when it comes to adoption of new technology and new business models.”

The global telecom industry has set the year 2020 as the year where 5G connections is the standard data-network.


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