Home in Hong Kong has the world’s highest price per square meter


A newly build house in Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak neighborhood is currently home of the world’s highest square meter price. More precisely a staggering 1,89 million HKD per square meter, around 250.000 USD. According to Wall Street Journal itis the highest square meter price on the planet. The house being 433 square meters it all adds up to a total listing price slightly above 105 million USD.

If sold at the asked price, the house will not only have the highest price per square meter, but also be the most expensive home sold in Hong Kong. The record was previously set in 2011, where a Hong Kong mansion was sold for 103 million USD.

Obviously the house features its own garage, huge terrace, swimming pool and everything you would expect from a multi-million mansion. But compared to other homes in its price category the size of the house is somewhat modest. Daily Mail reports that the apartment is only around one quarter the size of Britain’s most expensive apartment that was recently sold at around 234 million USD.

The house might be sold at smaller price though. The developer Sun Hung Kai Properties offers a 3% off if the deal is made within the first 5 months. While 3% might not sound like a huge discount it adds up to more than 3 million USD.

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