Sweden, Vietnam mark 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties

2014 marks 45th anniversary of Sweden-Vietnam diplomatic relations. On this occassion, Ms. Camilla Mellander, Ambassador of Sweden discusses bilateral relationship of the two countries in an interview with Vietnam Pictorial of the Vietnam News Agency. Excerpts of interview follows:  camilla

Question: In 2014 Vietnam and Sweden celebrate 45 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations. Can you share the most prominent achievements in bilateral ties Vietnam – Sweden in 45 years?

Ambassador Camilla Mellander: Sweden and Vietnam established diplomatic relations in 1969, 45-year history has built a solid foundation for this special relationship. Sweden is a strong supporter for the development of Vietnam. We are the capital providers of official development assistance (ODA) for Vietnam second biggest in 70 years, ranked first and fourth 80s-90s of the 20th century in which plant Bai Bang Paper and National Children’s Hospital are the two best examples. There are also areas of successful cooperation, such as support during the Doi Moi, health, poverty alleviation, training, communication, environment and climate change, judicial reform and anti-corruption corruption. Sweden has provided more than 3 billion dollars in the development cooperation with Vietnam.

2012, the Organization for International Development Cooperation Sweden (SIDA) has conducted an independent assessment process for development cooperation more than four decades with Vietnam. The results showed that with the support of Swedish assistance, health status, education and general development of millions of Vietnam has been improved and achieved great success.

Now we are entering a period of new bilateral relationship, which is geared towards a more balanced relationship. I am pleased to see that the two countries have cooperated on most domains, including politics, economics, trade, investment, culture and education; and on many levels, from central to local government, to end the parliament, business-to-business and public diplomacy.

Source: Embassy of Sweden in Vietnam/VNA Net

Just as you said, 2014 marked 45 years of diplomatic relations last Vietnam-Sweden. The celebrations will take place throughout the year. And we plan to have at least one event per month for Vietnam audience, not just in the business field but also culture, music, film, fashion, design and education.

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