HRH Princess Marie of Denmark begins humanitarian trip to Cambodia with a poignant visit

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HRH Princess Marie of Denmark has begun a trip to Cambodia in her role as honorary President of DanChurchAid, the Danish church’s humanitarian foundation. The princess’ journey is also a celebration of DanChurchAid’s 100th anniversary under the motto “Hope and Action”.

The trip will be a reunion with partners and projects from HRH Princess Marie’s first trip in 2012, and thus the opportunity to experience the development in the country and DanChurchAid’s work with climate adaptation, food, poverty reduction, and human rights.

Secretary-General of DanChurchAid Birgitte Qvist-Sørensen, who accompanies HRH Princess Marie on the anniversary trip says, “A lot has happened since the Princess visited Cambodia 10 years ago. The economy is booming, but inequality is growing at the same time, and climate change is taking a heavy toll on the rural population. Therefore, we focus on educating and organizing the farmers in climate-friendly food production and make sure to strengthen their market access – and thus their income base.”.

According to Birgitte Qvist-Sørensen, the trip to Cambodia in Southeast Asia sends an important signal not to forget the aid to the world’s poorest at a time when we are naturally preoccupied with the war in Ukraine and the reception of Ukrainian refugees.

“As an aid organization, we are used to dealing with and focusing on many crises at the same time. That is why it is so important that with the Princess’ trip to Cambodia we focus on the need for climate adaptation, agricultural development, and human rights for the benefit of the world’s poorest,”says Birgitte Qvist-Sørensen and continues:

“Because the global challenges have not diminished in the last month. On the contrary, we see how the war in Ukraine contributes to exacerbating the world food crisis with high price increases on, among other things, wheat and corn oil.”

During the trip, HRH Princess Marie will, amongst other things, meet with organic rice farmers who have gained access to the Danish and European markets through a collaboration with the Danish food company Nordic Food Partners.

HRH Princess Marie has previously become acquainted with their sustainable products at Nordic Food Partners’ rice mill and packing plant in the Danish city of Skive, as well as in DanChurchAid’s Wefood stores. In addition, the trip also offers a visit to a large number of DanChurchAid’s local partners, authorities, companies, and international diplomacy.

Source: Nyheder24

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