Less Danes Search for Travels to Bangkok

In only one year, searches to Bangkok from Denmark has fallen by 16 percent, recent numbers from Momondo show. Danes are reconsidering Bangkok, since the Thai Baht has increased, Managing Director at Momondo thinks. 

Bangkok is still a top tourist attraction in Denmark. However, more Danes hesitate to visit the country, since the THB has increased, recent numbers from Momondo indicate.

“Our numbers from January 2015 show that the amount of searches from Denmark to Bangkok has fallen by 16 percent since last year. The amount of searches to the US is more or less the same, although the dollar in fact has increased significantly,” Pia Vemmelund, Managing Director at Momondo A/S, says and continues.

“Bangkok, Phuket and Krabi are still some of the most popular destinations in Denmark, but the fact that less Danes search for travels to Bangkok, indicates that they are reconsidering the destination, now that the Thai Baht has increased,” she says.

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