Swedish MMA Fighters in Bangkok

Full Metal Dojo is considered one of the biggest MMA events in Thailand and takes place in Bangkok the 21st of February. From a Swedish perspective this match is quite interesting, because three Swedes are participating this time.

Not only one or two, but three Swedish MMA fighters will be participating in, what is considered, one of the biggest MMA events in Thailand: Full Metal Dojo 4. The Swedish fighters are: Fabian Peterson, Victor Larson and finally Dmitrijs Homjakovs.

Dmitrijs made his MMA debut at FMD3 in November last year against Phuket Top Team’s Youssef Wehbe. This year he is facing Tiger Muay Thai’s Michael Dubois at FMD4. About his expectations to the match:

“It’s going to get messy. I expect 15 minutes of war,” Dmitrijs Homjakovs says to thefigthnation.com.

Full Metal Dojo 4 takes place 21st of February.



Read the full interview on thefightnation.com:

Check out www.fullmetaldojo.com and www.facebook.com/fullmetaldojo for more info.

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