Norwegian embassy in Yangon meets with the Irrawaddy

The Royal Norwegian embassy in Yangon met with the media The Irrawaddy as part of the Norwegian government funded project “Mainstreaming of Ethnic Women’s Concerns on Peace and Security”.

The Irrawaddy posts content in both English and Burmese. Photo: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Yangon

An annual meeting between the Norwegian Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar, and media The Irrawaddy took place Tuesday 14 August 2018, where the latest progress in strengthening women’s participation in the peace processes through media reporting was discussed.

The aim of the project “Mainstreaming of Ethnic Women’s Concerns on Peace and Security” is to ensure that the voices of women and community leaders are heard and taken into consideration in the on-going ceasefire and peace processes in Myanmar.

The Irrawaddy is a non-profit media organization, that publish journalism primary focusing on Myanmar and Southeast Asia. The Irrawaddy was founded in 1993 by a group of Burmese journalists living in exile in Thailand.

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