Sweden and Myanmar collaborate to improve bus system in Yangon

Yangon Region Government and Sweden are working together on a project that will improve the bus system in the capitol of Myanmar.

Ramböll, the consulting company on the project, has 13,000 employees. Photo: Office of the Chief Minister

Chief Minister Phyo Min Thein and his senior officials met with a team of experts from the Swedish-Danish company Ramböll, which is the consulting company identified for the project.

The project will define how to improve the public bus system in Yangon.

“Sweden is very pleased to work with Yangon on this important project. We believe there are important experiences that Sweden can share to improve the lives of the many thousands of commuting Yangonites,” writes the Embassy of Sweden Section Office in Yangon on their facebook page.

Ramböll was founded in Denmark in 1995 and in 2003 merged with Swedish Scandiaconsult making Ramböll the largest consulting engineering business in the Nordics.


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