Peter Sand elected Chairman of Danish Church in Thailand

Peter Sand Danish Church Council in Thailand with Christa Lund Herum.
Peter Sand, newly elected Chairman of the Danish Church Council in Thailand with the vicar of the Danish Church, Christa Lund Herum.

Peter Sand, Head of Section, Commercial Affairs at the Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok, was elected Chairman of the Danish Church Council in Thailand at the first meeting of the new council on 23 March 2019. Peter Sand has been Commercial Counsellor of Denmark in Thailand and Cambodia since July 2016.

The meeting also elected Jill Laerke as treasurer of the Danish Church Council and Kirsten Frederiksen as Secretary of the Council. Regular members of the board are Marianne Edelmann Krüger, Gregers Moller and Peter Waagensen, representing the Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce, and Peter Dalberg, representing the Royal Danish Embassy.

The constitutional meeting of the council on 23 March was held at the Danish embassy and was a planning meeting for the future strategy and positioning of the Danish Church. The Council was assisted in this task by Kristoffer Paludan, Director of the human resource company Michael Page in Thailand.

The purpose of the Danish Church in Thailand is already clear from the statutes of the Church. To realize this purpose, the main areas to focus on will be the economy, the activities – Christian as well as social – and the admin and communication function of the Church.

The council will meet one more time with Kristoffer Paludan to flesh out each of these areas in details before implementation will start.

The new council was elected at the Annual General Meeting on 13 March 2019 but the constitution of the board had yet to take place when the council would have its first meeting.

The Council of the Danish Church in Thailand, from left Kirsten Frederiksen, Secretary, Jill Laerke, Treasurer, Peter Waagensen, Danish Thai Trade Council, Peter Dalberg, Royal Danish Embassy, Peter Sand, Chairman, and Vicar Christa Lund Herum. The strategy meeting of the council was assisted by Kristoffer Paludan, Michael Page Thailand, to the right. Council member Marianne Edelmann Krüger could not be present. The photo was taken by the last council member Gregers Moller.


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