Spouses and business partners no longer covered by DTCC “Red Carpet” agreement

The Danish fast track visa service called “Red Carpet” has in Thailand been changed. Relatives and corporate business partners, who were previously covered by the fast track visa agreement between the Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Danish Embassy in Bangkok, will no longer be serviced under the Red Carpet rules.

“These rules are carved in stone and formally, these groups are not within the scope of the Red Carpet,” explained Ambassador Uffe Wolffhechel to a handful of members of the Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce, who on Wednesday 20 September had joined a meeting held in the Residence of the Danish Ambassador.

Uffe Wolffhechel added, that regarding spouses of staff of Red Carpet members, the embassy would however endeavour to facilitate their visa applications “in other ways”.

Ea Laura Palmqvist, the new Head of Visa Section at the Danish Embassy, explained that when submitting a visa application, it was for instance possible to write that the applicant would be travelling with a person covered by the Red Carpet program and if all the correct papers were submitted, it would greatly facilitate issuing of the visa.

Spouses of Danish businessmen would not be given multiple entries and a visa valid for several years on their first trip and maybe not on their second trip either, but eventually on repeat visits they could be given longer lasting visas, she added.

Uffe Wolffhechel explained, that regarding business partners of companies, who were previously covered by the Red Carpet agreement, it would also be helpful if these applicants along with their application would submit a note, explaining that they will be traveling together with a company approved for the Red Carpet service.

“In some cases, these companies could also be eligible for the Red Carpet service in their own right,” he said, adding that corporate membership of the Chamber was not a requirement.

Secretary General Michael Andersen of the Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce explained that as part of its member service the Chamber is already today helping members with their visa applications.

“Even if they stand inside the VFS office and encounter a problem, they are welcome to call us. We are here to help our members,” Michael Andersen said adding, that this is only for corporate members.

The new Chamber website, which is currently scheduled to go online on 25 September, will also have a page about visa to Denmark with a flow diagram of the process, he added.

The Danish Embassy in Bangkok currently issues around 170 Red Carpet visas and 16- 17.000 other visas per year. There had in the past not been any problems with visitors who had been traveling on a visa issued under the Red Carpet facility and the Ambassador did not find it likely that any of the persons, who had previously traveled on a Red Carpet visa would after the change no longer be eligible for a visa.

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