Students on top of the hill

Yesterday students in Singapore were participating in the Norwegian Seamen’s Church’s first student event this year. It was an evening filled with laughter, the President of ANSA Singapore says. 

On top of the highest hill in Singapore, The Norwegian Seaman´s Mission is located. Four times a year they open their doors to students for a much appreciated Norwegian dinner: Salmon and gratinated cod.


Kristen Lorraine Eilertsen, who is President of ANSA, the Association of Norwegian Students Abroad in Singapore, was also participating in this first student event.

“It was a great night, and while the sun went down on the shipyard, a lot of students had a great time and laughed a lot,” Kristen tells.

Besides the first event in February, the Norwegian Seamen’s Church are planning three more events – one more before summer and two in the autumn. Every year ends with an annual christmas dinner. Around 50 students are participating every time. A little fewer students participated this time.

ANSA is helping students worldwide with networking and in general with getting the best out of their time abroad. The organization is also often arranging entertainment to the student events in the Norwegian Seamen’s Church.

Read more about ANSA, Association of Norwegian Students Abroad here:

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