SWA held Ladies Business Night with Nordea

On 19 April Scandinavian Women’s Association held the event Ladies’ Business Night at LinkedIn Asia-Pacific HQ Singapore, on the theme ‘Passion and Investment’.

Investments isn’t always about numbers and figures, it could also be about passion. What you feel passionately – or not passionately about. What you are passionate about could also make a good investment. However, how can you make sure that your passion is also sustainable? Strategic Advisor at Nordea, Duro Schlafer, will give you some examples and insight into about how to keep your passion long lasting as an investment.

“It was great night of insightful presentations and valuable networking,” SWA wrote.

The guests’ taste buds were also pampered by small canapés and bottled cocktails, sparkling wine and white wine, courtesy of VASCO.

Scandinavian Women’s Association is a Singapore organisation dedicated to raising funds for local charities helping families in need and girls’ scholarships to college through exciting networking events. SWA is orginally a Scandinavian initiative, but welcomes all nationalities!

Source: Scandinavian Women’s Association

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