Volvo Bus Thailand continues to expand into Thai market

Volvo Bus Thailand continues to expand into the Thai market together with local distributors CherdChai Motorsales and Volvo Bus Thailand

Mr Dech-chai Kulgrineetham, Managing Director of Volvo Bus Thailand revealed at the press conference:

“The reason behind establishing the new company is we can expand our assistance to our existing clients and the new comings. We also established strategic relationship with Isuzu Motors, who recently acquired UD Trucks and all process and transfer planned to complete by the first quater of 2021, under clear understanding on both side.

With this transition, our new company will gain capability to assist our clients. As well as bringing opportunity for our clients purchasing our Chassis. Under our care and  instruction, our clients can compose their own desired vehicles with Volvo Bus Standard. As well as purchasing  Volvo Bus with our long term distributor CherdChai Motor Sales, just as usual.

Mr. Dech-Chai added “The arrival of Volvo Bus will tighten relations between Volvo Sweden and Cherdchai Motor Sales, who has been partners for a long time. Our new company aims to assure our clients with our responsibility. With our before and after sale care package will be more convenient and remain high standard.

Covid-19 effect

Volvo Bus is no exception from the pandemic. Thailand’s tourism industry was directly affected with insignificantly less traveling both domestic and internationally. The sales of Volvo Bus from 2020 was down to 38 buses only. Although Volvo Bus Thailand trust that once vaccine are available, economy and tourism should get back to life and bring positive situation to bus market for tourism.

Once Volvo Bus Thailand is settled in, together with Cherdchai Motor Sales, they will connect all markets such as Bus for traveling, Bus for industry and government offices, to achieve sales of 91 buses.

For after sale service, Mr Dechchai said ” Our existing clients will receive the same care just like before, at all 14 UD Trucks Dealerships across the country. I would like to assure that you will receive the same Swedish Standard care.  With this transition we can better assist our clients. From being under instructions of Volvo Group Thailand but as a Volvo Bus Thailand Ltd, we are representative to Volvo Bus Sweden.


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