On this day: 22 February 1912 MS-Selandia sets off on her maiden journey to Thailand

MS-Selandia, Photo: Marine Insight

On 22 February 1921, the Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok released a memo on the first journey to Thailand of M/S Selandia:

On this day, 22 February 2012, the revolutionary Danish ship M/S Selandia set out on its maiden journey – a journey from Denmark to Thailand.
M/S Selandia, owned by The East Asiatic Company, was the world’s first large ocean-going diesel-powered ship. It was built for cargo and passenger services between Denmark and Thailand, which once again emphasised the strong ties between the two countries.

M/S Selandia’s revolutionary diesel engine, created by Rudolph Diesel and Ivar Knudsen, replaced the usage of coal on traditional steam ships and meant that Selandia polluted less, could carry more cargo and travelled greater distances without refuelling. In fact, Selandia could complete the entire route Copenhagen – Bangkok return without refuelling.

The ship started a new era in shipping and received praise all over the world.

Innovative Danish companies and visionary pioneers like ØK, H.N. Andersen and Ivar Knudsen, all led the way for more efficient solutions more than 100 years ago and to this day Denmark continues to invest in a sustainable future.

Credits: Thanks to CHROMA FILM for the video.

According to a historical page Niramit Sis-Nine-in, on 27 February 2021 the late King Bhumibhol, together with Mom Rajawongse Sirikit Kittiyakorn, her parents, relatives and assistant team joined M/S Selendia at Willfrance port in France.

70 men of leading Swiss Guardians were escorting the Royal travelers from Villa Vaddhana with people on both side of the roads, cheering with blessings for their journey, all the way to Swiss-France border.

At Wilfrance port at the south side of France, there Thai students in England, France and Switzerland were there to welcomed them. The late King Bhumibhol had nice chat and laughter with everyone there before departure. On board M/S Selendia by Danish company EastAsiatique was the vessel that the Royal troupe traveled back to Thailand.

1 month have passed since departure, the ship left France through the Mediterranean and Suez Canal to Indian Ocean then Sri Lank and Singapore.

M/S Selendia ported at Koh Sichang and the group continue the journey with HTMS Rattnakosin and a visit to Chulachomklao Fort. From there boarded HTMS Sri Ayudhya on a journey towards Tha Rajchavoradij in Bangkok on 24 March for the Royal Funeral of King Rama8, the Royal Wedding and Enthronement Ceremony and 65 more years of dedication to His Majesty’s nation.

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