Nordic Companies Gained Insight on Implementing Nordic Values in China

Nordic Industrial Park, in cooperation with the Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai and on Friday June 1st held a whole day seminar and workshop on (Corperate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE).

In total there are almost 50 small and medium enterprises in Ningbo Industrial Park. 10 of these are Norwegian. The participants in the seminar came from both Shanghai, Ningbo and from the Nordic Industrial Park.

Implementing Nordic Values in China

The theme of the seminar and workshop was very relevant for Nordic SMEs in China who seek to gain a better understanding of how to implement common values in a new context. The seminar was also for large companies, who want to learn how Nordic corporate values operate differently among smaller companies. There were a host of different speakers on the subject. Among others there were Dr. Zhang Xubiao from ILO, Pål Lillebø from, Dr. Peter S. Hofman from Nottingham University and several of the enterprises located in the park. They all offered insightful thoughts about the CSR and HSE situation in China.

After the seminar, a few of the managers of enterprises in the park offered their personal experiences regarding HSE and CSR. Afterwards, all the participants joined in groups and held workshops, solving problems and learning from each other’s experiences. After the conclusion of the seminar, the participants gathered for dinner and further discussions.

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