‘New Discovery’ – a meaningful image of Asia-Europe cultural exchange

The silence and darkness of the stage was broken by music and the sparkling lights, the audience had a great passion for ballets performed by Vietnamese and Swedish artists in Hanoi on September 27 in the performance night entitled ‘New Discovery’ which was organized by the Vietnam National Opera & Ballet (VNOB) co-operated with the Stockholm University, Sweden.
     Eight modern ballets of Vietnam and Sweden made a great impression on the audience by the great combination between music and dance.
     Instead of fairy tales which have been in mind of each Vietnamese person, the eight ballets helped the audience to create their imagines with ‘Sending a silk letter’ of choreographer Virpi Pahkinen, ‘Tumble Weed’ of choreographer Quang Minh, ‘Formation and Development’ of choreographer Marie Fahlin, ‘Forest’s Lullaby’ of Emeritus Artist Anh Phuong, ‘Oath With Fatherland’ of Emeritus Artist Quynh Nhu and Anh Tuyet, ‘Ophir Chasma’ of choreographer Virpi Pahkinen, ‘White Night’ of choreographer Marie Fahlin and Emeritus Artist Anh Phuong, ‘Francesca Da Rimini’ of choreographer Lars Anderstam.
     With the new language – the language of modern dance – artists expressed their great feelings via the movements of their bodies. A good combination between music and dance made dance livelier.
     Especially, in red colour of gladiators in the dance ‘Forest’s Lullaby’ movements of the artists of on the music background showed the beauty of the art.
     Pham Anh Phuong, Emeritus Artist, Master, deputy director VNOB, said that it was a great effort made by Vietnamese and Swedish artists. In a short time, they exchanged experience and techniques. Therefore, via the language of the dance art, they made a new discovery.
     The programme is the result of not only cultural co-operation between Vietnam and Sweden but also a meaningful image of Asia-Europe cultural exchange.

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