KI opens Singapore office

KI, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden’s only medical university, has opened an office in Singapore. This is the first foreign based office ever for KI.
     The location is within the National University of Singapore. Establishing permanent KI representations in strategic locations abroad is a new strategy to further develop KI’s international research cooperation.
     “KI has cooperated with and had common doctorate programs with the National University of Singapore since 1999. But now we will be there too, one reason among many is to be able to share the big efforts Singapore does. We have for example been involved in large breast cancer research projects,” said KI Vice Chancellor, Professor Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson during the inauguration in Singapore on Wednesday 13 October.
     East Asia, led by Singapore, China and Japan, is currently allocating large resources on biomedicine and biotechnology. World class researchers are attracted and promising science parks are built in the region.
     KI has acknowledged this and initiated close cooperation with some of the region’s largest and most powerful universities and research institutes. These cooperation efforts will be coordinated from KI’s office in Singapore.

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