DISA’s Air Division sold to Dantherm

The Air Division of DISA has with effect from January 1st, 2005 been sold to A/S Dantherm Holding. The DISA group is owned by Dansk Industri Syndikat A/S, a company in the A. P. Moeller – Maersk Group.
     Dantherm Holding has taken over the DISA Air Group for aprox. 112,5 million DKK. It is expected, that the acquisition will contribute close to 900 million kr. to the turnover of Dantherm in 2005. Dantherm also takes over the debt of the DISA Air Group which is in the range of 120 million DKK.
     As part of the payment, the A. P. Moeller – Maersk Group receives shares in A/S Dantherm Holding at the equivalent value of app. 50 million DKK. This will give the A. P. Moeller – Maersk Group a share of about 8,5 percent in Dantherm Holding.
     For Dantherm, the purchase of the DISA Air Group and another purchse of Siemens Technology Services A/S for a not disclosed amount will almost double the expected turnover in 2005.
     By combining Dantherm Holding A/S and the DISA Air Division a number of synergies can be realised within comfort ventilation, process ventilation, and service on the Danish market. And the ventilation business will increase from contributing 4 percent of Dantherm’s result to expectedly 33 percent.
     The acquisition of the DISA Air Groups is seen also as a move to strengthen Dantherm’s geographical representation of Dantherm world wide. DISA Air Group has activties in Danmark, Finland, France, Germany, Poland, USA, UK and Thailand.
     “The take over by Dantherm group will only have positive effect for DISA Thailand,” says DISA Thailand’s Managing Director, Henrik Friis.
     “The business will continue as usual and it will be decided at a later stage if the present DISA Company should develop the Dantherm business in SEA, as Dantherm has no companies in Thailand or SEA,” he adds.
     “We believe we will be part of a progressive group with AIR as the core business, that want to develop the business further and we expect many synergies can be utilised with the new group.”
     The DISA Air Division today employs 920 people, and turnover for year 2004 is estimated at DKK 850-900 mill. The Division assembles and produces industrial air filters, focusing on individual solutions for individual customer needs, utilizing the experience and expertise of four internationally recognized suppliers – DISA Airmaster, BMD Garant, Cattinair and Nordfab. Since 1975,
     DISA has supplied more than 25,000 air cleaning systems delivering unbeatable reliability, low energy consumption and compliance with all mandatory requirements for a wide range of applications in many different industries all over the world.
DISA AIR serves all industries. Examples include:
     Metal working industry: DISA supplies extraction, air filtration and venญtilation systems to all metal working processes. Welding fumes, oil mists, and abrasive grinding dust are typical examples of applications where DISA supplies solutions that ensures good working environment and high product quality.
     Flue gas cleaning: DISA supplies systems for reduction of noxious gases as well as ordinary dust/smoke filtration from processes like scrap melting, furnaces, incinerators, crematories, coal-, wood- or oil-fired boiler plants. All systems are characterized by low energy consumption and low residual contents.
     Foundry industry: DISA supplies complete filter plants, based on the vast experience of Garant, DISA Airmaster and Nordfab, covering all demands in foundries all over the world: Moulding Plants, Sand Plants, Charging, Iron Melting, Aluminium Smelting, Pouring, Fettling and Shotblast.
     Asphalt industry: DISA is a leading supplier of filter plants to all major suppliers of asphalt plants in the world.
     Wood industry: DISA is the leading supplier of wood waste extraction systems and surface treatment to the wood industry worldwide. For more than 25 years, DISA has served the wood industry with flexible individual solutions based on the productlines Cattinair and Nordfab.

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