Thai Women are Warned against Swedish Men

Following a recently-made TV-documentary about this issue, the Thai Embassy in Stockholm have been contacted by a series of Thai women, who have voiced their problems of having been abused after their arrival in Sweden and then left on their own.
     In 2003, more than 2000 Thais applied for residency in Sweden. 80 per cent of them were women, writes Aftonbladet Wednesday.
     “The women are left in a situation where they have a hard time taking care of themselves in Sweden. This is like a new kind of slave tourism,” says the Thai Ambassador in Stockholm.

     Now, the authorities in Thailand are warning women against following a Swedish man to Sweden. In the TV-documentary, which is financed by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, several Thai women tell the story of how their new-found love turned into a never-imagined nightmare once the couple landed on Swedish soil.

For more information on this story, you can read the full article published in the Swedish daily, Aftonbladet:,2789,611302,00.html

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