Gro Haaversen Barth supports HIV victims

Gro Haaversen Barth, the Norwegian priest at the Scandinavian Church in Bangkok, on Tuesday 17 June donated 10,000 Baht to help HIV infected Thai people under the care of the Norwegian Missionary Society. The donation will be used for medical expenses, in particular anti-viral drugs.
     Another 4,000 Baht she donated to the Norwegian missionary Dag Johannesen’s work among the children in Bangkok’s Klong Toey slum area.
     All the money was collected among the Norwegian residents in Thailand during April and May and given as a Farewell Gift to Gro Haaversen Barth to spend before leaving Bangkok on 23 June as she wished.
     “I decided to give the majority of the money to support the work of Norwegian missionary Bodil Berntsen among HIV infected people because most donors prefer to give to the children of Dag Johannesen,” Gro says.
     Dag Johannesen’s work among the slum children in Klong Toey was earlier this year supported with the proceeds of 10,000 Baht from the flea-market held at the Scandinavian Church and during the 17 May celebrations, another 4,000 Baht was collected for Dag Johannesen’s work.
     Bodil Berntsen received the money from Gro Haaversen Barth during a simple ceremony at the office of the Norwegian Missionary Society in Sukhumvit Soi 50.

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