Success For Vietnamese Music In Denmark

As the world-famous Roskilde Festival took place in Denmark this past weekend, several of Vietnam’s top performers were present under the Vietnamese name “Vong Nguyet” or in English “Wishing upon the Moon”. The list or artists included Tung Duong, Thanh Lam and Quoc Trung.
“Wishing upon the Moon” was a huge success at the Roskilde Festival and excerpts from the show was aired on Danish national television. On of the driving forces behind the project, leading composer and jazz musician Niels Lan Doky, also revealed that several world music festivals have expressed interest in engaging the collective of artists next year for what reason an extended tour of Europe might be coming up.
The artists performed at the Roskilde Ballroom, which is not only among Northern Europe’s biggest world music scenes but generally also noted for being one of the most distinguished places to experience extraordinary musicians and genres. Expectations were thus high before the concert, and as the musicians and singers perfected the project, which premiered in Vietnam in June, all anticipations were met. The concert was overall marked by grace, crossover and engagement.

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