DiGi’s Chief, CEO of the Year 2006

“I view this is an endorsement of the way we at DiGi do things differently to strengthen our pillars of simplicity, innovation and best value. The award will fuel our passion to do better and even more for our customers,” Lundal said in his acceptance speech, according to Business Times of Malaysia.
“It also strengthened DiGi’s commitment to national development because telecommunications is not just a business but also essential to the development of the country,” he continued.
“Best of all, the award tells us that DiGi is on the right track in an unfinished journey filled with challenges that test our resolve,”
Lundal, an expert in information technology and telecommunication management was appointed as CEO of DiGi.Com Bhd and DiGi Telecommunications on July 26, 2004.
“Even though the prize is given to an individual in the role of CEO, I do not think it can be about one person. A company’s performance is the result of an integrated and complex process,” he said.
Lundal dedicated the award to his 1,800 employees. “If this award was a cake, I’d divide it into 1,800 pieces because this is a company award,”
Being Norwegian, Lundal said, it was a true honor for him to be receiving such an award in Malaysia. This year, he shares the award with Datuk Abdul Wahid Omar, CEO Telekom Malaysia Bhd.
“Competition between rivals is good for consumers, so to be co-winner with Abdul Wahid this year is a good thing actually,” he quipped.
The 12th Malaysia’s CEO of the Year 2006 Award was jointly presented by Business Times and Maybank, the issuer of American Express charge cards in Malaysia.
Both winners were selected by a panel of five judges, headed by Deputy Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia Datuk Zamani Abdul Ghani and they were assessed on six points, namely skills and contributions, financial management, marketing management, operation management, development management and community, environment and social building.

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