Vikings to fight the National Team of Laos

Bangkok Vikings, the football team of Scandinavian expatriates in Bangkok, will the end of August play against the national football team of Laos. The match will take place in afternoon of Saturday, August 30 on Vientiane National Stadium.
     It is the first time a national team has been selected as a worthy match for the Vikings. The Viking troop from Bangkok plans to fly to Udon Thani on Friday, August 29 and cross the border to Vientiane that same evening.
     Another friendship match with a team of expatriates in Laos will follow on Sunday before the Vikings head back to Bangkok to resume their weekday responsibilities.
     The Vikings will later this year compete for the trophy at Viking Cup 2003, which is to take place on Sentosa Island, Singapore late in September. Viking Cup, the annual encounter of all Viking football teams from Asia, is usually held in the Easter weekend. The event this year has been postponed to 25-28 September due to the uncertainties surrounding the SARS virus.

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