Extension of Visa to Thai Who Gave Kidney to Sister in Denmark

Wichin Singsorn, 29, a Thai citizen who went to Denmark to give his ill sister one of his kidneys have been trough almost all the feelings in the world since he’s arrival in the ”strange” cold country where his sister has been living for several years.
First he underwent an operation so the Danish doctors could remove a kidney, and hand it over to his sister. The two operations went well. Unfortunately, the whole situation turned frustrating, when ”Udlændingeservice”, Danish Immigration authorities, insisted that the goodhearted Thai had to leave Denmark, when his tourist visa expired.
Danish doctors advice was on the contrary, that it would be much better if Wichin Singsorn could stay in Denmark two months longer, so he could get the needed examinations, before he left Scandinavia to go back to his village which is 700 km. from the nearest kidney transplant specialized hospital.
The case became a big story, touching the “winter hearts” of the Danish population, when TV2 put on air the story about the difficulties of the Thai man.
“We have removed at kidney from a healthy person, and therefore, we would like to examine the patient during a period of minimum three months, before he travels back to his home country Thailand,” said consultant Johan V. Poulsen at the university hospital Skejby Sygehus in Denmark’s second biggest city Aarhus, to the Danish television.
Initially “Udlændingeservice” upheld their demand, but given the public attention to the case, the immigration authorities re-considered hi case and granted him an extended stay until 13 June this year in order for the Danish doctors to give the goodhearted brother all the examinations he truly deserves.

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