Swedish Man Drown In A Pool In Thailand

A 60-year-old Swedish man drowned in the pool in Pattaya in Thailand,
before the eyes of his girlfriend.
intensive efforts, the man’s life was not to save, writes the Swedish tabloid Expressen.
    The man
used to begin each morning with a swim in the pool.
    That’s why
his girlfriend was not worried when he went off to the pool. It was a part of
the daily routine.
    But a moment
later the hotel staff alerted her that the man was found lifeless in the pool.
Another hotel guest had managed to get him up from the pool and the ambulance
was already on its way.
    A half-hour
later, the rescue team gave up. It was not possible to save the man’s life.
    “We can not
say anything about the cause of death yet, but it is likely that the man had a
heart attack, perhaps because of the heat”, said police officer Nopadol
Wongnom in Pattaya.
to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Office, the man’s relatives in Sweden are already
informed about the incident.
    In 2006,
three Swedes died trough drowning abroad, compared with 10 people in the previous
year 2005.


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