Michael Learns To Rock in Bangkok

They look at ease as they sit down at the press conference at Amari Atrium Hotel in Bangkok. Michael Learns To Rock. But they’ve also been in the music business for twenty years now and some of their biggest successes, they’ve had in Thailand.
 “Our first concert here was in 1994 and it was sold out. It was the first time we met our Thai fans and also the first time we experienced being famous,” Kåre Wanscher (drums) remembers.
 Together with Jascha Richter (lead vocals and keyboard) and Mikkel Lentz (guitar) he has played in MLTR for twenty years now. In a way this anniversary also underlies the inspiration for the new album.

Sound from the 80s
With the upcoming anniversary in mind Mikkel Lentz, who also produced the album, listened at some old demo tapes from the early years of the band’s history. 
 “I wanted to make an updated version of these songs. At the same time I liked the sound of the late eighties,” he says.
 The album “Eternity” has already been well received in Denmark and now the band look forward to present it to their Thai fans. 
 “We think there are some good songs on the album for people to like, so they don’t have to listen to “Sleeping Child” all the time,” Jascha Richter says with a wry smile.

Loves Thailand
Even though the band loves to come to Thailand for holiday with their families, they’ve never wanted to settle down abroad.
 “Sure we’ve thought about it. Thinking why don’t we just buy a house here in Thailand?” Kåre Wanscher asks and answers himself:
 “I think the more you travel, the more you get to love Denmark. That’s how it is for me. I really like going to Asia, but I also really like living in Denmark with my family.”
 MLTR has just played a sold out concert in the Philippines for 7000 people. Now they look forward to play in Thailand, which they consider their “Asian home”.
 “We hope as many as possible will come and see us tomorrow,” the band says and promises to play the old classics as well as the new ones when they go on stage at the Impact Exhibition Center tomorrow night.

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