The World’s Most Expensive Carlsberg Lands In Malaysia

The seriously exclusive beer, Carlsberg Vintage No.2, will now be available in Malaysia. Only 600 bottles of this vintage beer (Prized 250 Euros per bottle) is produced, making the Danish liquor one of the most expensive and exclusive beer in the world.
Produced by the Jacobsen Brewhouse in Copenhagen, it is the second brew to be produced under Carlsberg’s Vintage trilogy, with which Carlsberg aims to “push the boundaries for what a beer can do”, according to Morten Ibsen, brewmaster at Jacobsen, who developed the Vintage No.2 in cooperation with four other brewmasters. To add to the exclusiveness of the brew, each Vintage bottle also features a hand-stencilled lithographic print created by Chilean-born artist Marco Evaristti, with the Carlsberg elephant as the recurring motif in five different versions.
The Vintage No.2 was matured in J.C. Jacobsen’s original crypt-like cellar that dates back to 1847 and stored in French oak casks for 100 days. The brew itself is a Baltic Porter – a strong stout that originated from the 18th century Imperial Stout beer type that was originally made for the Russian Tsarina Catherine the Great – and has a jet-black colour and espresso-like foam.
According to corporate communications manager Pearl Lai, Carlsberg Malaysia will be presented with four bottles of the exclusive Carlsberg Vintage No.2 by the Carlsberg head office. These four bottles will not be available for sale to the public but will be auctioned off to raise funds for charity instead.
The Carlsberg Vintage No.2 is an exclusive collectible item and Carlsberg Malaysia plans to auction it to raise funds for charity. These connoisseurs who appreciate the rich heritage of Carlsberg and are willing to support charitable causes will try to secure this exclusive Carlsberg Vintage No.2.”, Pearl Lai ads.
Hopefully the exclusive bottles from Carlsberg will be sold before 2059 – where the expensive liquor will expire.

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