North Koreans Soon to Leave Danish Embassy in Hanoi

A group of North Korean asylum seekers who in the past three weeks have stayed at the Danish Embassy in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, will be able to leave the embassy within the next few days, a local diplomatic source says.
-If they don’t get charged, they can leave the embassy within a week, says the Vietnamese source, who did not want his name made public.
The nine North Koreans took refuge in the Danish Embassy on the 24th of September this year.  After escaping from North Korea they hoped they could get to South Korea, but when they weren’t helped by the South Korean officials, they fled to the Danish Embassy.
South Korea’s Foreign Ministry had no comment Thursday on whether the case concerning the nine North Korean asylum seekers has been resolved.
However, next week South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak is visiting Vietnam. It is possible that the two countries have made an agreement on the nine asylum seekers – An agreement that may be published in connection with the presidential visit.

Helsingør Dagblad, 16.10.2009.

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