Business delegation visits ADB

Getting to know the Asian Development Bank, ADB, and how to win procurement contracts for goods, civil works and consulting services financed by the bank is why a business delegation from Sweden visits the institution 22 to 24 March.
     The journey is an initiative by the Swedish embassy in Manila, in cooperation with the Swedish Consultants Group/Swedish Trade Council.
     The delegation is open to companies providing goods and/or services in a wide range of sectors such as health, education, urban and rural infrastructure, energy, transportation, food and agriculture, environment, finance, governance, enterprise development, etc.
     ADB is headquartered in Manila. It is a multilateral development finance institution dedicated to reducing poverty in the Asia and Pacific region.
     The bank is owned by 63 member countries, 45 are from the region, 18 from North America and Europe, including Sweden.
     In 2002, the ADB financed approximately USD 5.8 billion in loans and technical assistance grants, through which goods, civil works and consulting services were procured by developing countries in the region.
     A couple of years ago did Sweden’s embassy in Manila embark on a more aggressive and dedicated information campaign to Swedish companies about the possibilities ADB offers.
     This has already created new trade for Swedish industry.
     The upcoming visit is another outcome of this targeted activity for more Swedish business through the ADB.

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