Outgoing Thai Minister Orders Charges Against DTAC

Thailand’s outgoing deputy caretaker minister of commerce of Thailand, Alongkorn Ponlaboot (Democrats) announced today, Monday 11 July 2011, that his ministry’s investigation into the shareholding structure of DTAC, the Norwegian related player in Thailand’s mobile phone business, had revealed, that DTAC is not Thai enough to hold status as a Thai company. 
Alongkorn recommended that the case should be handed over to the police to file charges against DTAC for breaking the Foreign Business Act.
However, according to TAN_Network, the Business Development Department of the ministry disagrees and has refused on the grounds that Alongkorn doesn’t have authority over case.
 The outgoing deputy caretaker minster had also looked at some of the companies holding shares in TAC – the company behind the DTAC brand – and found that they were in his opinion just puppets for Telenor or telenor controlled companies.
 The case is not likely to be resolved before Thailand’s new government led by the Peu Thai party is instated. 

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