School exchange programs seeks funding

Son Tay High School in Son Tay, Vietnam seeks funding to continue the exchange program between the school and SAMgymnasiet in Jarfalla, Sweden.
      Mats Brolin, the project leader and coordinator of the exchange program between Son Tay High School and SAMgymnasiet, wishes to bring Vietnam and Sweden closer and to make the exchange program successful by kindly requesting anyone for possible sponsor or other ways to contribute to the realization of the program.
      There have been four exchanges of teachers between the two schools for the past four years. In October 2001, four teachers from SAMgymnasiet visited Son Tay High School. In August 2003, one teacher from Son Tay High School visited SAMgymnasiet in Sweden and in October of the same year, one teacher from SAMgymnasiet visited Son Tay High School. In April 2004, eight teachers from SAMgymnasiet visited Son Tay for three weeks and in August this year, eight teachers from Son Tay High School are scheduled to visit SAMgymnasiet in Sweden for three weeks.
      For the past two years, students from the two schools have also been exchanging letters as a part of the schoolwork. SAMgymnasiet plans to have an exchange program for students with the age of 18 to 19 between the two schools. In October this year, SAMgymnasiet expects to have 30 students from Sweden to visit Son Tay High School as well as attempts to raise money for the possible visit of students from Son Tay High School to Sweden.
      For more information contact SAMgymnasiet at [email protected] or phone +46-(0) 8-806749 or contact Ms. Nguyen Thanh Thuy at Son Tay High School +84-(0) 34-832113.

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