Small but stable Scandinavian stream of visitors

Sars put its mark on Scandinavian as well as total visitor statistics to Vietnam 2003.
     Overall travel to Vietnam fell 7.4 percent 2003 while the number of Scandinavian visitors dropped by more than 10 percent compared with 2002.
     Sweden still has the largest number of Scandinavian travelers to Vietnam with 12 559 visitors followed by Denmark, 10 432, and Norway with 7404 guests.
     Five years ago, in 1999, Denmark led by 10 016 visitors, Sweden was second with 8 994 and Norway brought in 6 262 travelers.
     During the five period Scandasia has studied, overall visitors to Vietnam rose
from 1 781 754 persons year 1999 to 2003´s 2 428 735 arrivals.
     The Scandinavians´ relative proportion of Vietnam´s travel pie has remained stable. From 1.4 percent 1999 to 1.3 percent last year.
     The first two months of 2004 show a over 5 percent increase in overall arrivals to Vietnam. All according to official numbers from Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

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