Chinese developed self driving vehicle is currently on the test run on public roads in Sweden

Dongfeng self drive vehicle on a test run in Sweden. Photo: China Daily

The Swedish Transport Agency recently approved the permit application filed by Chinese’s T Engineering AB for testing autonomous vehicles (self drive)  on public roads in Sweden. With the approval, T Engineering becomes  the first Chinese company to get the approval in Europe and one of five companies in Sweden to have the permission for autonomous vehicle tests on public roads.

China’s Dongfeng Motor Corporation owns T Engineering, located at Trollhattan Innovatum Park in Sweden. The company applied for testing the L4 autonomous vehicles on roads between the park and railway station, which is the busiest block featured with the most complicated traffic situations.

The L4 autonomous vehicle, independently developed by Dongfeng Motor Corporation, was created based on passenger vehicles. Their research team has conducted complete analysis and assessment on risks that could threaten safety.

To adhere to transport rules in Sweden, the L4 autonomous vehicle is equipped with several safety functions, such as a remote control.

In the future, T Engineering will work on developing European-style autonomous vehicles based on Sharing-VAN, the world’s first autonomous vehicle equipped with 5G.

Sharing-VAN vehicles models, are currently  operating on demonstration in provinces in China including Hubei and Zhejiang.

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