China highlights Scandinavian police cooperation

Anders Thornborg and Marie Benedicte Bjørndal. Photos: Micke Grönberg/Sveriges Radio and

Chinese news agency Xinhua reported on 7 September 2023 in details on the cooperation between Sweden and Norway to combat gang crime.

The two Scandinavian neighbours decided to build a new police station on the border, in order to strengthen overall cooperation and to prevent gang crime from expanding across borders, said the two countries police chiefs on 6 September in a press release.

This happens after it has been revealed that Norwegian crime have links to Sweden, and vice-versa, according to Norway’s National Police Commissioner Benedicte Bjornland:

“This could concern the smuggling of drugs, access to weapons or Swedish gang members carrying out violent missions in Norway. Sharing knowledge is important to facilitate a joint preventive effort.”

Xinhua further highlighted a quote from Sweden’s National Police Commissioner Anders Thornberg, who stressed the following:

“It’s about strengthening safety and security, which can only be done by working together.”

Source: Xinhua

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